An April 2004 newsletter of Focus on the Family declares that God will destroy the United States and Western civilization will crumble if life-long gay couples are allowed to marry or celebrate civil unions.

Dobson accuses the undefined “homosexual activist movement” of having a 40-year “master plan that has had as its centerpiece the utter destruction of the family.”

Dobson continues with another 3,600 words of largely unsubstantiated accusations, insults and threats. He expands upon statements earlier this month, in which he listed 10 reasons why gay couples in love post a mortal threat to God and humanity — the last and perhaps most important reason being an end to the cherished culture war.

Citing a single Bible passage (2 Chronicles 32), the Focus on the Family leader concludes by warning of — and, I believe, wishing for — God’s destruction of the United States if gay couples are ever granted equality.

Dobson generously appends a list of (expensive) resources to help supposed Christians destroy gay relationships and save the nation.

  • Be Intolerant (Item Code: BD785)
    Alarming numbers of young adults have accepted a “whatever” tolerance of
    religion and worldviews. Ryan Dobson proclaims there’s nothing wrong with
    righteous intolerance. Paperback. Suggested donation $10.00.
  • The Homosexual Agenda (Item Code: BH005)
    Think the homosexual movement is gaining ground on just a few isolated
    fronts? Think again. Paperback. Suggested donation $15.00.
  • Why You Can’t Stay Silent (Item Code: BL148)
    How involved in the culture should Christians be? Discover why Christ
    calls you out of the church pew and into the world to make a difference. Hardcover. Suggested donation $18.00.
  • Blessing Your Husband (Item Code: BL165)
    You love him, you live with him — but when was the last time you thought
    about blessing him? Hardcover. Suggested donation $19.00.
  • Why Marriage Matters (Item Code: BP449)
    Are you finding it difficult to defend the benefits of marriage to your
    friends or struggling with the issue for yourself? Here’s help. Paperback. Suggested donation $14.00.
  • Respect: A Marriage Essential I-II (Item Code: CD301)
    When a woman feels unloved, she reacts in ways that may seem disrespectful
    to her husband. And when a husband feels disrespected, he often reacts in
    ways that his wife perceives as unloving. This guest has a suggestion that
    can put an end to this cycle. Broadcast CD. Suggested donation $9.00.
  • Marriage Collection II (Item Code: CD607)
    Fortify your marriage with insightful advice from this collection of
    popular broadcast CDs! 6 Broadcast CDs. Suggested donation $42.00.
  • Is Marriage in Jeopardy Pack (Item Code: F00015T)
    Latter-day marriage confusion? This booklet delivers the truth — and
    nothing but the truth — about the same-sex marriage controversy.
    20 booklets. Suggested donation $6.00.

Addendum, April 1: Dobson’s history of the gay “movement” is severely butchered and off the mark by at least two decades. The Washington Post notes that the leftist sexual-social revolution died out among gays in the 1980s and early 1990s. For years, conservative gays across the nation have been demanding assimilation. With conservative and independent demand for marriage dominating gay activism, sexual and cultural revolutionaries whose ideals date from the 1970s say they are upset at being consigned to the fringe, and some are reconsidering whether they want to identify with the gay or queer labels anymore.

But as Steve Miller at IGF briefly indicates, the revolutionaries of 1969 did not launch gay equality as a political issue in the first place. That cause was launched decades earlier by gay assimilationists and moderates like Frank Kameny.

To oversimplify a complex situation: There have always been, arguably, at least two different gay movements — assimilationist and revolutionary — and I count additional, rival movements divided by conflicting religious, social, political, and sexual goals.

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