I have responded on Exodus executive director Alan Chambers’ blog to his public complaint against the Boston Globe.

In case he deletes my response, here is a copy.

[To Alan Chambers:]

Your readers should read the Boston Globe article for themselves.

Your readers will see that the teen-agers in the story do not even consider marrying before graduation. None is considering dropping out of school. Their parents are supportive. They are dreaming of marriage just as heterosexual teens do.

Your readers will also notice that you have not documented your claim that gay relationships last two months. Your claim lacks credibility among readers, since it contradicts what many Americans see every day: gay couples whose relationships have lasted for years or decades.

Your readers may also wonder a bit about your claim that tens of thousands of people are ex-gay. Even with the assistance of Exodus and therapists from NARTH, pro-exgay researcher Dr. Robert Spitzer was only able to find a few hundred people who qualified as long-term, successful ex-gays. According to Spitzer, many of those successful ex-gays still experienced significant or exclusive same-sex attraction, meaning their orientation (attractions) had not fully changed — only their behavior had changed.

Readers are entitled to respect, Alan. They would feel more respected — and feel more inclined to view you as a brother in Christ — if you had said something constructive about America, about Christianity, and about conscientious gay people.

What people currently see, unfortunately, is that you view young, idealistic, monogamous gay people in Boston with fear and rejection, and that your reaction is based on half-truths and undocumented allegations.

Alan, insofar as you continue to play the victim card — and base it on flimsy evidence — your public witness comes across to others as one of self-doubt, fear and self-pity instead of love for the people you’re supposed to be winning to Christ. You’re capable of doing better than that.


Should my comment to Chambers be deleted, the erasure will be noted here.

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