According to The Advertiser, a Louisiana public school district is unapologetic in its punishment of a boy after he explained to a classmate that his mother is gay. The school said the boy was punished for being disruptive. But the school’s defense conflicts with the boy’s disciplinary records.

Documents sent home to the mother, which were prepared by teacher Terry T. Bethea, stated that the boy told another child his “mom is gay” and explained that meant “when a girl likes a girl.” She wrote that it was not acceptable in her classroom.

In a section asking the teacher to describe the behavior, she didn’t indicate that the child was using profane language or otherwise disrupting the classroom. She marked “other,” and clarified if with remarks about the child’s reference to his mother’s sexual orientation.

And the school board president contradicts the superintendent’s claim to uphold free speech.

“I feel like any discussion by a child of a parent’s sexual orientation is inappropriate for children that age,” School Board President David Thibodaux said. “I would not want my children discussing sexuality with their friends.”

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