Like Hillary Rodham Clinton, Exodus regrettably sees far-reaching evil conspiracies behind those who disagree with it.

The organization this morning issued a condemnation of the ‘Law and Order:SVU’ episode about an ex-gay murder.

Instead of merely discussing the humanity or nonviolence of ex-gays, or noting that the episode was overly simplistic (as all television is), Exodus executive director made sweeping generalizations about anyone who is gay-tolerant:

“Truly the oppressed have become the oppressor”, notes Executive Director, Alan Chambers. “The pro-gay contingent is out to absolutely obliterate the truth about biblical sexuality, annihilate those who challenge their views and destroy any opposition to their agenda by any means necessary. That is the epitome of hatred and intolerance.”

Exodus also says:

We also respect each person’s right to self-determination whether they agree with us or not.

This remains a subject of debate, given Exodus’ defense of sodomy laws and its endorsement of discrimination in jobs, housing, education, and religion.

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s reputation was tarnished for a time by her finger-pointing and paranoia, and her failure to clean house. XGW respectfully suggests that Exodus learn from Ms. Clinton’s mistakes.

Addendum:On Nov. 21, Exodus escalated its protest against the L&O:SVU episode, promoting a letter-writing campaign organized by Exodus’ marketing and political-activism partner, Focus on the Family.

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