Exodus International executive director Alan Chambers and spokesman Randy Thomas frequently publish broad accusations against “radical” and “elite” gays without identifying specific individuals or citing specific statements or events. This tactic sometimes raises questions over whether the activists, statements or events really exist.

Buy 'The New Thought Police' at Amazon.comWhile this tactic has proven unprofitable for Exodus, lesbian author Tammy Bruce appears to make a successful living doing the same thing. Perhaps not surprisingly, Messrs. Chambers and Thomas use Ms. Bruce’s arguments to justify their own.

According to The Providence Journal, Ms. Bruce — author of “The New Thought Police” and “The Death of Right and Wrong” — was invited to Roger Williams University by the campus College Republicans.

She accused gay leaders of silencing opponents; romanticizing AIDS; sanctioning unsafe sex, pedophilia, and sadomasochism; and promoting a culture of victimization.

Buy 'The Death of Right and Wrong' at Amazon.comNowhere — not in the news article, anyway — does she identify specific leaders or provide specific examples (date, location, and quotation) of their offenses.

From the news article:

This is a world, she said, based on alcohol, drugs and sex. And it’s a group who uses Gestapo-like tactics to impose its agenda on the larger liberal community.

The Gestapo used anonymous, unsubstantiated, and inflammatory accusations to demonize Jews. Ms. Bruce would be wise — but perhaps less profitable on stage — to re-examine her own public-speaking tactics.

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