Here is the memo from ex-gay activist Arthur Goldberg announcing the ex-gay movement coalition’s detailed plan to sue schools, counselors, insurers, doctors, and organizations such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters if they act in ways contrary to ex-gay ideology.

From: PFOX
Date: October 21, 2003 12:40:48 PM EDT
Subject: Ex-Gay lawsuits

I am delighted to report that the ex-gay movement now has a “legal offense/defense arm” which wishes to work closely with each of our member organizations. The attorneys are eager to find and to litigate on behalf of individual clients (or class actions on behalf of groups) a series of legal cases, anywhere within the U.S.A., to challenge the notion that people are born gay and, further, to gain access for our message that a healing strategy exists for those with unwanted same-sex attractions. In each case, we need to show the harm caused and to identify an appropriate defendant(s).

To help provide some ideas for each of you to consider, the attorneys are looking for fact patterns where a patient’s right to treatment may have been violated, or equal access for the “ex-gay” message has been
denied, or tort cases where a physical or emotional harm occurred to a client because of the fraudulent message that people are born that way.

Some examples of such fact patterns may include:

  • HMO Discrimination — client of therapist is denied insurance coverage for reparative therapy when same insurance company would cover gay affirmative therapy
  • Emotional and Physical Harm — individual receives hepatitis C, HIV, or other ailments because school counselors, psychologists etc. provide message that they should engage in gay affirmative sex. (Of course, if someone died, their estate or legal guardians may be an appropriate plaintiff).
  • Emotional and Physical Harm — Sue gay or porn magazines where message delivered about wonders of gay affirmative sex and an individual can be shown to have relied on such advice.
  • Emotional and Physical Harm — person undergoes sex reassignment surgery because of gay affirmative messages and subsequently regrets such action because of later acquired knowledge that reparative healing strategy for gender identity deficit existed and this alternative was not provided or actively discouraged as an option to consider.
  • Endangerment of Minors — cases where inner city at risk youth were improperly advised to engage in gay sex and suicide or lesser emotional and physicial harm occurred.
  • Endangerment of Minors — Sex education classes where advice given that anal sex is safe for receptive partner as long as condom is in use and individual contracted any one of the innumerable illness which are directly proximate to such activity.
  • Equal Access Denied — equal protection of the law cases where gay affirmative message is provided without corresponding gender affirming message being given equal time
  • Endangerment of Minors — actions on behalf of children who are placed with two mommies or two daddies (or a single placement) when a mother and father placement was available.
  • Undue Economic Burden — Where burden is placed on private business to provide domestic partnership benefits.
  • Endangerment of Minors — Inappropriate mentoring (gay affirmative message) cases in Big Brother/Big Sister programs where specific harm to an individual occurred.
  • Equal Access — Public School or other governmental environments where gender affirming process message is shut out and gay affirmative message is exclusively provided

The above are only illustrative examples. If someone has an idea for a case or an issue they feel may be appropriate, please do not hesitate to contact me, either by phone or email. Initially I am willing to serve as a liason to the attorneys. It is important to note that they will be working pro bono on these cases.

Best regards,
Arthur at
PFOX — Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays
Box 561, Fort Belvoir VA 22060

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