A Human Rights Campaign study found that most Fortune 500 companies have policies opposing discrimination against same-sex-attracted workers. And a rising number of top companies reportedly offer some limited benefits to the families of gay workers or advertise to gay audiences.

That upsets Exodus chairman Mike Haley. Speaking on behalf of Focus on the Family, he says:

“The gay issue is one that’s not going away,” Haley said.
“We see it in the media, we see it in the military, we see it all throughout every walk of life. When you see major organizations and companies throughout our country endorsing this, what child who’s struggling with
gender-identity formation isn’t going to see homosexuality as a potential positive option? That scares me.”

Haley admits being scared at the thought of gay people being treated fairly — and the impact that fair treatment has upon impressionable children. Unless same-sex-attracted adults are harassed, discriminated against, overtaxed, underemployed, and underinsured, then — according to the Exodus chairman — same-sex-attracted children won’t be scared straight.

Do Haley’s views represent those of Exodus International? And if not, then why does Exodus permit him to voice such contempt and resentment?

Haley runs the homosexuality and gender issues department at Focus on the Family. As it happens, this department has a long history of pooh-poohing the problems of sexual harassment, underpaid wives in two-income households, and the ongoing epidemic of rape in America.

But the department does find time to quote Robert Knight, of Concerned Women for America, in opposition to the fair treatment of same-sex-attracted persons in the workplace.

“There are epidemics raging among homosexuals, and yet (companies are) promoting the very behavior that’s taking people’s lives,” Knight said.

Focus on the Family applauds five companies that are noted by HRC for discrimination against gay workers and their families: Aramark Corp., Domino’s Pizza, ExxonMobil Corp., Meijer stores, and National Gypsum. Haley’s department recommends that concerned “Christians” read and act upon Concerned Women for America’s document, “11 Ways You Can Fight the Homosexual Agenda,” by Peter J. LaBarbera.

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