From the July 29 CitizenLink newsletter, there’s plenty for me to comment on later today. Focus on the Family seems to have taken its conspiracy theories, strawman arguments, sexual putdowns, stigmatization, and affirmations of antigay discrimination to a new low for the year.

NYC to Open First Gay Public High School
“School comes despite the fact that NYC and public schools are under budget constraints.”

Gay Relationships Short-Lived, Dutch Study Says
“Findings underscore that marriage isn’t what gay activists are really after.”

What is the gay agenda, and what can Christians do to stop it?
“A Q&A on the homosexual agenda.”

The last article is an interview with Alliance Defense Fund vice president Craig Osten. The article omits mention of ADF’s recent lawsuits to compel states such as Arizona to discriminate at will against state workers who happen to be gay.

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