Concerned Women for America has issued its daily selection of propaganda.

The headlines below are verbatim from CWA; the summaries are mine.

In Their Own Words: Homosexual Activists Redefine Marriage And Family
CWA presents misquotes of countercultural gay leftists as if they represented the values of mainstream and conservative gays seeking to get married. How odd: One does not find the CWA representing the National Organization for Women’s marital values as its own.

What’s Perverse About Lawrence?
CWA’s Chief Legal Counsel Jan LaRue repeats the historical errors and medical myths that damaged the religious right’s defense of sodomy laws before the Supreme Court.

Targeted for Hate: A Canadian Columnist Pays Price for Disagreeing with Homosexual Agenda
Contrary to CWA’s misleading headline, the antigay columnist says gay friends and colleagues have rallied to his defense after a lunatic organized a grotesque hate-mail campaign.

Enforced Bias: Boston Globe Editor Reveals Liberal Paper’s True Colors
Brian Camenker accuses The Boston Globe of political correctness for requiring that letters to the editor, both pro- and antigay, be written in a civil and thoughtful tone.

Election of Homosexual Episcopal Bishop Exposes Myth of ‘Born Gay’
Instead of faithfully reflecting the bishop and his family, CWA barges in and pontificates that homosexuality is no excuse for “adultery.” And because the Human Rights Campaign criticizes un-Christian conduct by the Southern Baptist Convention, CWA accuses HRC of bashing Christians.

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