The religious right has formed a small organization of pediatricians who espouse socially conservative, patriotic values.

The “American College of Pediatricians” screens its membership according to a pro-life philosophy spelled out on its “Core Values” page and an anti-gay philosophy spelled out here. The organization’s Bible Belt membership and mission, values, and vision statements are summarized here.

The “College” offers no evidence that adoption by gay parents is harmful to children, but proceeds nevertheless to accuse the pediatric profession’s leading organization, doctors, biological parents, and courts of “social experimentation.”

The ACP, based in eastern Tennessee, blends religion and patriotism into its philosophy on its “Wisdom for the Ages” page.

According to Concerned Women for America, ACP formed in retaliation against the American Academy of Pediatrics after AAP released scientific studies finding no significant harm to children in same-sex parenting. ACP accuses the AAP of “bad science” but does not say how AAP’s studies were flawed.

The ACP’s family resources page links primarily to religious-right organizations.

In contrast to the scientific approach of the AAP, ACP employs what it considers a predetermined “moral” filter to pediatrics.

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