Ex-gay movement underwriter Focus on the Family wants AT&T to discriminate against gay employees in the name of “family values.”

This week, AT&T shareholders have an opportunity to retract “sexual orientation” from the company’s employment clause.

Pro-discrimination activist Chris Stefan helped write the shareholder ballot proposal.

“We believe there’s a growing consensus among the shareholders to try to stop this type of behavior on the part of the company,” Stefan said.

It is, perhaps, ironic that Stefan and Focus classify a nonbehavior — nondiscrimination — as a “behavior.”

“AT&T and other companies are promoting lifestyles that are inappropriate. They’re trying to equate non-marital sexual unions with traditional Christian marriage.”

Stefan asserts the illogical notion that unless one discriminates against gay job applicants and fires gay employees, one is promoting gay monogamy, civil unions. And Stefan misleadingly implies that gays who seek marriage are neither Christian nor supportive of “traditional” values.

Peter LaBarbera of Concerned Women for America supports discrimination at AT&T.

“Homosexual activists are now settling on the shareholder strategy to win in corporations where they can’t pull it off using an inside job,” he said. “And by ‘inside job,’ I mean when they have basically gay activists inside the corporations.”

It would seem that, in LaBarbera’s opinion, if you work for a corporation and you assert fair treatment for gays in hiring and retention, then you are a homosexual activist.

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