The Family Policy Network advertises as a place where real ex-gays offer testimonies about the success of “change” in their lives.

Yet the ex-gay page offers no ex-gay testimony. It merely features antigay activist Reggie White complaining that some gays have been intolerant of his intolerance. The page repeats the vague claim by Exodus that thousands of unnamed people have changed in ways that are not specified. Meanwhile, the web site’s ex-lesbian page, strangely separate from the ex-gay page, offers just one testimony — that of Exodus board member and political activist Anne Paulk. The testimony is a reprint, verbatim, of a 1998 newspaper ad.

The site’s free speech page calls for gay students and teachers to be silenced — and replaced with the “free speech” of those who accuse gays of “homosexual recruitment.” The page seems to question whether sinners in general are really entitled to free speech.

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