From Randy Thomas’ blog two days ago:

At church today Pastor Clark Whitten said “The church needs to get out of the cruise line mentality and into the battle ship mentality.” I stifled a big amen to that! This consumer mentality toward church has got to go.

Ironically, the religious-right alliance that includes Exodus opposes democratic restraints against big-business commercialism. And it is arguably the religious right that commercialized American Christianity via:

  • Pray TV
  • direct-mail fundraising
  • patriotic merchandising
  • the disposal of Jewish and Christian history and tradition predating fundamentalism and World War II
  • cut-throat competition against mainstream, traditional Christianity.

In this context, Thomas’ desire for a faith “mentality” based in American battleships makes some sense to me. However, the faith advanced by this mentality is arguably that of Bonhoeffer’s joyous secularism, not traditional Christianity.

I commented on the religious right’s joyous American secularism on April 10 and May 1.

Thomas’ spiritual model is presently a $10 billion weapon of massive destruction. My spiritual model is St. Francis of Assisi:

“Sell what you have…give to the poor…preach the Kingdom of peace…and come, follow me.”

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