From Exodus, June 26, 2003

Exodus encourages fellow Christians to respond with compassion and reason on this historic turn in public policy regarding homosexuality. While many Christians and conservatives express shock and dismay over today’s ruling, ex-gays are not surprised. Executive Director Alan Chambers succinctly states, “We don’t live in 1953 Christian America anymore.”

Sodomy laws were drafted by political leaders in an effort to punish what they defined as immoral sexual acts. Ministry and Media Relations Manager Randy Thomas says, “States have every right to draft statements declaring what they deem appropriate moral behavior for the good of the society they govern. Where the creators of these laws missed the boat is that instead of denouncing sin and offering grace, they created a criminal law. It is completely understandable why the gay community, who does not share our moral values, would want these laws overturned. All they have to do is look around and see the permissiveness of our decadent sexualized society to feel unfairly singled out for punishment.”

As a result of today’s ruling, young people will be led into further confusion. Alan chambers states, “Our young people are not going to grow up under the same teachings about morality that we did. The school books will simply state that homosexuality was legitimized by the Supreme Court on June 26, 2003. We are risking the moral upbringing of all the generations to come. On the same note homosexuality wasn’t the first sin, just the result of it. Sin is sin and we are all susceptible to it. We must be vulnerable and extend the same love that we were given. Christ died for all of us or He died for none of us.”

Unfortunately, the political pendulum could swing harshly the other way. Americans of all conservative faiths are facing a serious problem; now that this decision damages the traditional view of sexuality and relationships, progay initiatives across the country will gain momentum. People of faith could potentially experience marginalization if we do not implement loving concern and active civic involvement.

The Church must lay down fear. Joe Dallas shares an important message in his excellent booklet from the Love Won Out series entitled How Should We Respond. Joe states, “It will not be enough to tell the homosexuals that they are wrong. We must be willing to say, ‘Come into our churches, and we will help you to do what is right.'”

I see an enormous amount of good will in Exodus’ statement. I object mainly to two small things:

  • Chambers’ assertion that behavior is “legitimized” simply because it is legal (most sins and bad habits are perfectly legal), and
  • the statement’s overall approach of spiritual paternalism.

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