Two top Exodus officials seem to be saying very different things, in reaction to the Supreme Court ruling against Texas’ sodomy law.

Mike Airhart offered an optimistic assessment earlier. However…

While spokesman Randy Thomas avoids moral absolutism and echoes Clarence Thomas, executive director Alan Chambers echoes Trent Lott and Jerry Falwell.

ALAN CHAMBERS: We don’t live in 1953 Christian America anymore.

And we don’t live in 1953 segregated, sexist, KKK-tolerant America, either.

RANDY THOMAS: States have every right to draft statements declaring what they deem appropriate moral behavior for the good of the society they govern.

In other words, Randy supports states’ rights to legislate morality.

RANDY THOMAS: Where the creators of these laws missed the boat is that instead of denouncing sin and offering grace, they created a criminal law.

Codifying morality in criminal statutes was ineffective and unwise.

RANDY THOMAS: It is completely understandable why the gay community, who does not share our moral values, would want these laws overturned.

Randy accepts the desire of gays to live freely based on morality which may not match his.

RANDY THOMAS: All they have to do is look around and see the permissiveness of our decadent sexualized society to feel unfairly singled out for punishment.”

Especially since the criminalized behaviors are a small part of broad social norms.

ALAN CHAMBERS: “Our young people are not going to grow up under the same teachings about morality that we did. The school books will simply state that homosexuality was legitimized by the Supreme Court on June 26, 2003.

Or our young people will read that the privacy of their parents’ bedroom and freedom from governmental harassment was legitimized.

— Steve B.

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