An Ex-Gay Watch reader sent me this item from The Washington Post. The article is about the upcoming gay-dating reality show, “Boy Meets Boy”:

Among those additional viewers are sure to be members of the Traditional Values Coalition, whose executive director was already alerting its 43,000
member churches about the series so that they could protest it, the
Associated Press reported.

“What’s next,” Andrea Lafferty asked, ” ‘Boy Meets Sheep’?”

TVC has, for many years, cited the existence of ex-gays as a reason to pass laws discriminating against gays — and to donate to TVC.

For all its statements, I have seen TVC offer little or no financial or staff support to ex-gay organizations. It seems satisfied to use the ex-gay movement in its own fundraising and political campaigns while providing little in return to ex-gays.

And the movement, for its part, seems content with having its work used at no charge by the political fringe. Over the years, I have seen no public evidence of ex-gay ministers holding TVC accountable for its indecent and hateful tirades. A Google search seems to confirm my observations.

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