Submitted by an Ex-Gay Watch reader:

WorldNetDaily, a religious-right publication edited by Joseph Farah, and Robert Knight of Concerned Women for America are teaming up against the appearance on CBS of a gay couple that calls itself married.

Publicity for the CBS reality show “The Amazing Race 4” does not say how the pair is married. But WorldNetDaily and Concerned Women want to know how — and they want to destroy this marriage, or at least hide it from public view.

If they can’t bury the marriage, they at least hope to punish the show’s sponsors, including American Express, Kodak, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and T-Mobile. They complain further that Kodak recently fired an antigay worker who allegedly misused corporate e-mail to protest Kodak’s support for diversity.

WorldNetDaily and Knight could have addressed the gay couple directly, diplomatically, with respectful disagreement. But why treat people decently when you can launch a culture war against them?

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