For many weeks, the web site for Kerusso Ministries has been offline.

Kerusso is a political organization rather than an ex-gay support group. It is (or was?) run by Michael Johnston, a close associate of Jerry Falwell.

If anyone knows why the site has been down, or whether they have moved, please let me know.

Comments submitted to XGW’s former blog location:

Here is an interesting story. After I noticed that the Kerusso site was offline back in February I did a Google search for info. I found some articles on the American Family Association and Family Policy Network websites. But those articles contained no mention of Michael Johnston or Kerusso. So I then clicked on Google’s cached version of those same web pages, and they did contain the references to Johnston and Kerusso.

What I then realized was that AFA and FPN had recently purged references to Johnston and Kerusso from articles that were about two years old! The only reason I can imagine for the purging is that Johnston is no longer useful to AFA and FPN, as he may now be an ex-ex-gay!

I then sent emails to AFA and FPN asking why they felt compelled to purge. Finally someone from AFA sent me the following and confirmed my suspicions:

“Mr. Johnston had a moral fall and has indefinitely removed himself from public ministry. It is my understanding that he is taking the necessary and proper steps toward forgiveness, healing and restoration. He has the prayers and support of American Family Association toward that end.”

It will be interesting to see if Michael completes his “healing and restoration” and becomes an ex-ex-ex gay.

Richard Rush • 6/29/03; 5:34:10 PM

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