The Virginia-based Family Policy Network says it will “turn ‘Gay Days’ into ‘Hope Days.'”

Sponsors needed for Christian outreach to homosexuals

The press release certainly starts badly, assuming gays aren’t Christian, and implying that they’re going to hell. One also wonders, why does the religious right go out of its way to convey messages in inordinately costly and impersonal ways?

If prospective ex-gays are looking for hope in antigay religion, they will look to CBN or find an antigay church or religious book. People attend Gay Days looking for fun, not impersonal and overpriced ads for religious-right web sites.

Every year about this time, Christians and pro-family organizations
express their angst over so-called ‘pride parades’ and ‘gay day’
celebrations held in cities and theme parks across the country. In some
cases, there is frustration over companies like Disney embracing
celebrations of immorality with their blessing and assistance. In other
cases, the offense occurs when theme parks and city streets are overrun
with acts of perversion, against the wishes of the park operators and/or
local officials. In every case, Christians are heartbroken over the
celebration of sin, and the devastating effects of homosexual behavior on
people who engage in it.

I have yet to see antigay Christians “heartbroken” over Gay Days. Angry, perhaps. And it’s embarrassing to most people, Christians included, when the mere presence of couples kissing or holding hands is described by antigay Christians as “acts of perversion.”

With the help of supporters and pro-family activists in
several states, FPN has contracted pilots to fly airplane banners over
several such venues beginning in Orlando that will read, “JESUS CHRIST:

The site includes
stirring testimonies from former homosexuals, a presentation of God’s plan
of salvation, articles that warn of the destructive nature of homosexual
behavior, and contact information for getting in touch with groups that
assist recovering homosexuals in finding hope and healing for their broken

This message, a bit presumptuous in its knowledge of “God’s plan” and its assurance that homosexuals’ lives are broken, clearly is not targeted at gays. It is targeted at likely donors to the religious right.


FPN is planning to fly the “Hope” banner over as many Gay Day celebrations
for which it can raise the necessary funds, beginning in Orlando on June
7th. Hence, there is a direct correlation between contributions raised and
the number of people the “Hope” banner can reach. No gift is too small.
Yet, the larger the gift, the greater the impact.

Donors giving $250 or more will have the option of being listed on the
“Hope for Homosexuals” web site and in “Project Hope” news releases as
“Friends.” Local organizations and/or ministries giving $500 or more will
have the option of being listed as “Event Sponsors.” Donors of $1,000 or
more will have the option of being listed on all materials as “National

Time is short. Therefore, interested donors and prospective sponsors are
urged to get involved as soon as possible. Click here to give now, or call
FPN for more details.

In view of my comments about the less-than-generous TVC, I must admit here that at least one religious-right organization does put some money behind its verbal support of ex-gays. It is not apparent, however, that any financing will go to actual ex-gay groups. The money will be spent on FPN administrative costs and airplane fees, not interpersonal Christian ministry.

FPN’s page of principles for outreach to homosexuals, including opposition to violence and support for discrimination, is worth a careful read. I’ll comment on it later.

Audio recordings of past Gay Days commentaries are available here.

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