Focus on the Family agrees with the Human Rights Campaign: Gays are making progress toward equal rights in localities across the United States.

Pro-family activists agree, unfortunately, homosexual activism is making strides.

Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council:

“I would not say we are losing the battle but I would say we are losing ground, Sprigg said. “The pro-homosexual activists have been very skilled and very successful in the way that they have framed the issue.”

While Focus on the Family frequently links to web sites belonging to the far right, it declined to offer readers a link to the HRC study. Focus says:

The HRC report is undoubtedly available from the Human Rights Campaign Web site. However, as a matter of policy, Focus on the Family does not refer constituents to homosexual activist Web sites, because: 1) such groups seek to undermine traditional morality; and 2) the information such groups provide is slanted because they refuse to recognize the fact that it is possible to leave the homosexual lifestyle.

The first reason given, about traditional morality, is a matter of opinion, of course — most ethical individuals do not subscribe to the “morality” of the religious right, which is arguably untraditional as well as political.

The second reason given is misleading: Gays have always agreed that it is possible to be gay and celibate, but that gay celibacy has nothing to do with equality under the law. Indeed, most celibate gays support equal rights.

Ex-gay activists like Alan Chambers, on the other hand, admit that ex-gays experience ongoing and sometimes intense attraction to the same gender — but they redefine “homosexuality” and “homosexual lifestyle” to reflect sexual behavior alone. And they decline to reflect this redefinition in their advertising and public-policy statements.

Focus on the Family won’t tell you where to find the HRC report, so Ex-Gay Watch will:

The State of the Workplace for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Americans

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