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…Leading evangelical Christians condemned derogatory statements about Islam by the Rev. Franklin Graham and others among their fellow religious conservatives. They also pledged to improve relations with Muslims.

The evangelicals meeting Wednesday said the derisive comments endangered Christian missionaries in the Muslim world, strained already tense interfaith relations and fed the perception in the Mideast and beyond that the war on terrorism is a Christian crusade against Islam.

All excellent points — made by conservative Christians who had the courage to dissent from an extreme, ideological party line that threatens Christians and non-Christians alike.

Exodus could learn a great deal from these conscientious conservatives.

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I always knew there were smart, kind, thoughtful Evangelicals. It’s marvelous that a few of them are beginning to speak out!

Oh, and I have a site for you– It’s like a Christian version of the Onion, and they make relentless fun of Franklin Graham.

Jayelle • 5/10/03; 9:00:10 AM

Wow! Thanks!

—Mike A. • 5/10/03; 12:48:10 PM

Why is it so incredibly difficult for more moderate evangelicals to criticize the activities of the real crazies? Particularly when the crazies, like Enyart, have public outreaches. What I hear is eC’s assuring me that not all of us are like that; he speaks only for a minority, most of us don’t support this sort of thing. Well, then why is he on eC tv? Still can not fathom how a system consistently produces leaders who do not represent their followers.

—Dale • 5/11/03; 10:48:05 AM

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