From the Interfaith Working Group:

The Orlando City Council passed a non-discrimination ordinance 4-3. As part of its coverage, the Orlando Sentinel published a long article about Alan Chambers, the President of the ex-gay umbrella organization Exodus International and a leader in People for a United Orlando, the organization opposing the ordinance. The article says Chambers “became involved in the City Hall fight as an individual, not as a representative of Exodus,” but a prominent note on the Exodus web site encouraged people to write to the Sentinel for a copy of the article.

The Orlando Sentinel article by Nancy Imperiale ran Nov. 24, 2002. It’s available at the Sentinel website for a fee. The article pursued a “day in the life of Alan Chambers” sort of approach that talked about Chambers’ family and said little about his politics. It was a nice story about Alan and his family, and I told that to Exodus spokesman Randy Thomas. Of course, if Alan’s family had been headed by two gay people, Exodus would have opposed its existence.

In July 2002, I compared one Exodus speaker’s apolitical approach to violence in the schools, with an Exodus press release taking a very political approach toward the Catholic pedophilia and abuse-of-authority scandal. Here’s what I said.

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